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Twilight Alchemy Lab Oil Experiment Results
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This community is for the discussion of ritual, intentional, and/or spellwork use of Twilight Alchemy Lab oils. *All* paths and traditions welcome. Newbies to magickal work also welcome. Please tell us what oil you used, what your stated intent was, how you did the spell and/or ritual, and describe the results! Feel free to come here with questions about how to use the oils or which ones to use for a given purpose.

This community is not for plain ol' scent descriptions. bpalanonymous is a great place for that. Similarly, sales, swaps and ISOs should not be posted here.

Also, if you are looking for how people have used a particular TAL oil, please check out our memories or tags. All of the posts are catalogued in there, according to the name of the oil.

We are a fan community and not officially related with TAL in any way. None of the proprietors or employees of TAL are to be held responsible for this community's content.

No drama. No disrespect. No one-upmanship. Shit-stirrers will be warned once, banned on second offense. Please do not delete posts or comments. Contact liminalia or meetzemonsta, your friendly mods, with any problems or concerns. Play nice. Namaste.